Monday, June 17, 2013

Skydreamer Feature: Chedz Cakes in Cebu

You should know me by now, right? I love food and that includes great desserts specially if they're coffee based. So I'd like to introduce you to one of Cebu's best non-commercial cakes around - Chedz!

Can I tempt you with these amazing cakes?

classic cakes from chedz
Classic Cakes from Chedz

There were four gorgeous cakes in the box, and my favorite was their Cebu Mango cake. It was beyond delicious - it had a layer of mango and cream inside which made it more satisfying than the usual mango cake.

The cappuccino cake was my next favorite - surprise, surprise. The cake was great, I always prefer coffee based desserts, but the mango cake was better.

cebu mango and cappuccino cake from chedz
Cebu Mango and Cappuccino cake

My next favorite is their black forest cake. This kind of cake was my favorite back in college and I would constantly buy a slice from Ana Maria (in Dumaguete City). I loved it so much that my mom bought me one big layer on my birthday then. So anyway, my taste has obviously evolved from black forest to other amazing flavors. Chedz' version of black forest is different from Ana Maria's, but it's still great.

Last is their ube (yam) cake. Now, I'm not a very big ube cake fan. I love homemade ube halaya, but anything else ube flavored is just okay for me. 

black forest and ube cake from chedz
Black Forest and Ube

Check out their website and schedule a free cake tasting session now!

Chedz Cake Information:
Contact Numbers: 232-3239 and 231-1168
Website: Chedz


  1. And Chedz just gave you a shoutout on Facebook today :)

  2. And Chedz just gave you a shoutout on Facebook today :)

  3. you bought that cakes or that's what they will give you for their cake tasting?

    1. Hi Anon,

      These are the cakes they give out for their cake tasting. Do try it at :D


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