Monday, December 13, 2010

Aegis Peoplesupport's Amaaaazing Year End Parteeey!

Dec 12- Aegisites celebrated the Year End Party at Cebu City's Waterfront Hotel. The theme was "One World, One Aegis." It was a night of glamour and fashion as everyone dressed up in either black or red. Women got all dolled up for the event, and the men were dashing in their suits.

It was an oh-my-goodness-I-can't-believe-it party! The night was packed with world-class performances from each account, fashion shows, the management team dancing and ramp modeling on the stage, and most of all, the highlight of the night - Aegis Idol's final elimination.

It was definitely a night for the White Ninjas, as we garnered each and every award. From winning the Christmas Tree-at contest, topping One World, One Aegis model, bagging this year's Aegis Idol, and even getting an award for best dressed female for the night! We got 'em all! It was a night to remember, a night of celebration for Aegis Cebu's biggest and best account!

Special thanks to the people who made everything possible: Aimee, Emma, Bryce, Miller, Evee, Dudz, Karen, Marky, Mags, Bam, Teroy, Gigi, Ting2, Eric, Etienne, Vishal and his wife, Raymond, all the dancers, everyone who supported in each and every way, and most specially to Skeets who tirelessly coordinated everything...your lack of sleep, your effort, your everything did not go to waste - You rock! You are the greatest! 

...And we are the best!

Our white christmas - you have to see the whole thing to appreciate it more!

Mags - Aegis Idol 2010 from the White Ninjas

Bam - bagged the best designed costume

Management, Training, QA, Core, Reporting :)

Me, Bam, Karen

with Batch 99

another picture with my amazing batch!


Note: Pictures are not mine

Photo Credits:
Christmas Tree-at: Christina Ralota
Year End Party: Les Reyes, Oliver Yonson, Eric/Sheila Menguito

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Play Review: Young Thespians of Cebu's Sister Act, The Musicale!

Earlier, I watched Sister Act, The Musicale, - at Onstage, ACC - a play directed by Emmanuelle Jones Mante. I know him because we work in the same company together with Michael Sta. Maria (production manager) and Albert Eric Oroquieza (Leading Man).

The show was great although it needs a little more polishing. I only watched the matinee show because I couldn't afford the price of the gala tickets.

For now, I can't post pictures because I don't have time to upload my 5 or so pics haha!

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