Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Seda Hotel in BGC

A couple days back, I stayed in this charming boutique hotel in Bonifacio Global City. It's right across Serendra and just five minutes away from Market Market.

I love that there's a huge spring giraffe at the lobby. They have a quaint breakfast nook for its guests. There's a small pool, and a small gym. I love how its color theme is muted black and grey, so full of elegance. I actually prefer it more than loud colors.

I had a pleasant stay and the staff is accommodating. What more could I ask for?


Sunday, September 1, 2013

Skydreamer Dines in Dumaguete: 2 Story Kitchen (formerly Cafe Noriter)

Welcome to this charming little Korean place in downtown Dumaguete.

Looks like any normal hole-in-the-wall, cute little cafe, right?

But you see, this is not a normal cafe. Look at all these fantastic little touches.

Being here made me feel like I was in fairyland or in a cute little girl's room.

Wait 'til you get upstairs, it's more magical.

You need to take off your shoes, and there are no chairs. There are pillows that you can use to sit on. And see that round little thing on the table? You press that to signal a waiter. Coolness!

Now, the food. We were in a Korean restaurant, but ordered a burger, pasta, and pizza. It wasn't bad, but wasn't really delicious either. It was just so-so, and was too expensive for its taste and food quality.

Maybe we should've ordered that bibimbap after all. xx

Friday, August 30, 2013

i ❤ dumaguete | i ❤ silliman

Dumaguete City is a small coastal town in Negros Oriental in the Philippines. The very first thing you see if you travel by boat is of course, Dumaguete's pier; but right beside it is THE Rizal Boulevard. It stretches to several blocks and a lot of Dumaguetenos jog there early in the morning and late in the afternoon. There are also a lot of restaurants, coffee shops and restobars and the place is alive from morning to night.

Let me show you the place...

Beautiful, non? Specially that third photo which looks like it came straight out of a cartoon, but was just really taken from my iPad.

Now a Dumaguete introduction would not be complete without talking about my alma mater, Silliman University. If you're reading this and thinking about attending a good university, don't hesitate to head straight to SU. It would be an experience like no other.

Amphitheater and Silliman Church

In front of Hibbard Hall

Going to Luce Auditorium

Oriental Hall

Silliman Church

Silliman Library

Villareal Hall

I could never really take pictures of all the places in Silliman as I was too busy reminiscing my college years, and pointing to baby boy where mommy used to study. I love how there's a lot of space here to walk around and it's soooo green! I never really appreciated it back then. 

We also dropped by the booth area where different student organizations, sororities, and fraternities had booths/tents laid out for founder's week. I wasn't able to take a lot of pictures, but we had a really great time. xx