Sunday, July 7, 2013

Out and About at La Vie Parisienne

I posted about my favorite French macarons here.

Yesterday, I finally stepped inside La Vie Parisienne, a French bakery in Lahug, Cebu. For readers in Cebu, you might have passed this on your way to IT Park and it's right before you reach the Mormon temple. It was exactly how I imagined it would be - cozy, warm, and very homey.

When we got inside, their famous croissants were still baking so we headed to the general area of the bakery where we saw different French breads (and brioche, which I had been looking for to try out a new French toast recipe), cheeses, quiches, macarons, olive oils, beers and everything else.

la vie parisienne bakery in cebu
breads, olive oils, jams, beers at La Vie Parisienne

french macarons at la vie parisienne
french macarons

After checking out the place and deciding to wait for their croissant, we went inside their Wine Library. It was very impressive, but basing on the other bloggers' pictures, I actually thought it was bigger than what it actually is. 

We had fun checking out the wines, and their prices. They range from affordable (P200+) to expensive (P11000+). When you order your wine here, it has to be by the bottle. There are only two types/kinds of wines that can be ordered by glass, but since I'm not a wine connoisseur, I can't remember which.

wine library at la vie parisienne cebu
wine library at la vie parisienne

wine library at la vie parisienne cebu

A few minutes inside the wine cellar, baby boy got fussy. He doesn't like enclosed spaces too much, so we headed out into the sunshine. It was lovely and in the eyes of my child, it was perfect. He was all smiles and was in a really great mood.

garden at la vie parisienne
outside where the air is fresh

garden at la vie parisienne
loving the garden

la vie parisienne cebu
I love it here, ma!

garden at la vie parisienne

The attendants served our croissants and we ate them like there's no tomorrow. It was gone in a flash. My son could eat one big roll all by himself. Proud of you, babe!

croissant at la vie parisienne
warm, buttery, flaky croissant

croissant at la vie parisienne

Now that the buttery rolls were in our tummies, we headed to La Maison Pink House (which was just next door) to check out the place. There was a small fountain that looked like it came out of a French magazine. It was very magical, indeed.

la maison pink house restaurant
La Maison Pink House

fountain at la maison pink house
a fountain that captured my son's heart

After checking out the place and taking some pictures, we decided to head back to the bakery to buy more bread to go, and ended up buying one of their sandwiches. I first wanted to try their goat cheese and honey, but decided on deli sub which had mortdella. We ate them at the wine cellar.

mortadella sandwich at la vie parisienne
Deli Sub - Mortadella, tomatoes, lettuce and butter on a baguette

happy with the selected sandwich
The sandwich was great and next time, I'll definitely order their sandwich with goat cheese, onion jam and honey.

simple menu of sandwiches and drinks at La Vie Parisienne
We had a great time there and we'll definitely be back! xx


  1. Pretty expensive sandwiches but I bet they're good!

    1. Yes, they are pricey... Something I wouldn't be able to buy on a whim, but pretty good... :)

  2. omg goat cheese with honey sandwich and perfect croissants *drool* Seth is adorable as always! It doesn't take much to make a child happy. :) Great shot of the wine library btw! I love it!

    1. Jo-ann, you're the person I immediately thought of when I got there! You should visit, if you haven't already so you can all tell us how the food compares to your French tour! I'm so looking forward to your write-up. xx

  3. I'm glad to know that you were able to visit the place with your family and Seth, as always, is so adorable!

  4. wow! french macaroons :) Your baby was so cute! <3

    .never settle for less.

    1. Thank you Sherlaine. :D
      They said the macarons that they're selling are Laduree. xx


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