Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Movie Review: The Amazing Spiderman

I'm not a very big fan of spiders. In fact, I'm terrified of them. I can't stand their sight; I panic, I run, I scream like a baby.

But that didn't stop me from loving the new Spiderman movie. Sure, I liked the Tobey Maguire installments, but I never once watched any of them in the theater. But this new one,"The Amazing Spiderman" was truly - amazing. The writers really know how to tug human emotions and Andrew played it well. He was so good at his role that I cried, not once but thrice in the movie. It moved me so much that I was surprised when I found out later on that my husband did not shed a tear the entire time he watched it. I was even more surprised when I got home and found out that my sisters, who have seen the movie, were not moved to hysterics too.

But one thing we do agree on - the new Spiderman rocks!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Family: Blessings from Ate Misha

We are so blessed to have über generous family and friends. Recently, my sister-in-law, Misha Ortuoste sent us a few gifts:

Ate Misha is into crafts and is very creative in turning polymer clay into works of art. She sent us keychains to add to our collection.

Polymer Clay keychains

Since their family is technically half Muslim, she sent a green kupya for Seth and he looks really adorable wearing it. He could someday be a datu, do you agree?

"Datu" Seth's kupya

My hubby loves pastil. It's a Muslim dish made of shredded chicken and sticky rice. Since it's not available in Cebu, Ate prepared the chicken filling for us. It was very delicious and for those who have not tasted pastil, it tastes like chicken adobo.

Pastil Filling

I also love peanut hopia from Mardonney's. It tastes like chocnut in a hopia. Seth also got a moon shaped book and a tiger suit.

Peanut Hopia
Seth's safari outfit
Soft board book
Thanks Te for all the gifts! xoxo

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Skydreamer Eats: Yellow Curry with Chicken and Potatoes

Today, I tried making chicken and potatoes with yellow curry. It was ridiculously easy to make, and that's a lot coming from someone like me - someone who does not generally know how to cook.

All you need is the following: (don't ask me for the measurement, i cook by feel)

canola oil
yellow curry paste
coconut milk

Here's what you do with the ingredients: cook the yellow curry paste in canola oil, and once it's fragrant - add coconut milk, chicken and potatoes. Let it simmer, adjust your seasonings, and once the chicken and potatoes are cooked - you're done!

I don't have a picture for this post because we ate everything up as soon as it was cooked, but I can definitely tell you that it's really good!