Thursday, May 31, 2012

Skydreamer Dines in Cebu: BREWmance Cafe in IT Park

Brewmance cafe is a new eating joint in IT Park in Skyrise building. The owner is a Cebuana who moved to Australia, opened a shop there and brought it in Cebu.

I heard that the food is really great so I ate there during my lunch break with Alic, my colleague. I got their dory in creamy salpicao with orange juice. Alic had pork barbecue with orange juice. We also both got chai tea latte to go. Alic paid for my tea, yay! :)

Below you can see the pictures of the food we ate. You can also see Alic in one of the pictures.

The food is really awesome and I love love love their chai tea latte! It's probably the best tea I've ever tasted - it tasted like milk and some herbs and the fusion of the taste is just heavenly. The first time I sipped the tea, I was not impressed - but with the herbs, it was absolutely amazing! BTW, I figured it out. Chai tea is actually spiced black tea with cinnamon! That's what gave the flavor a kick!

I definitely recommend this little restaurant in IT Park.

With Alic, my colleague
Creamy Dory Salpicao
Chai Tea Latte - Yum!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Skydreamer Dines in Cebu: Milk Teas in Cebu IT Park

I recently have a fixation for milk teas. I even stopped drinking coffee and started drinking milk teas instead. My two favorite tea shoppes are iTea in Skyrise 1 and Heart Tea in i1 Building.

Let me compare the two. Heart Tea's milk teas do not have sugar but they use flavored syrup which is essentially still sugar. For P60 you get a venti sized milk tea.

iTea is different. They have sweetness levels in their milk teas ranging from no sugar to intense. I absolutely love their milk teas here because it tastes better. The price though is higher. For P70 you get a tall sized drink.

Here are the pictures:
My Heart Tea's flavor is winter melon with tapioca add-on

My iTea's flavor is hazelnut with pearls

iTea hazelnut milk tea with mild sugar
Heart Tea's Wintermelon milk tea

Monday, May 28, 2012

Skydreamer Dines in Cebu: Uncle Noodles in Ayala Center Cebu

Hi blog world, I'm finally back and I'm at ACC right now and I'm trying out Uncle Noodles' dry noodle in char siu. The dish costs P85 and they gave me free soup.

Their food is good but a little bland for my taste. Bland because there's something sweet that tastes a little bit like bland tocino. But I absolutely loved the sauce, mushroom and dried fish that tasted like chicharon! So yummy!

You may want to try it out. It's in Ayala's cinema food court. 

Here's a picture of their chow: