Monday, July 22, 2013

Skydreamer Dines in Cebu: Cafe Sarree

Yesterday, li'l sister-in-law wanted to take us out to dinner, along with Ate Yvette (also known as Yvette Yzon, a Filipina actress) and family friend. Since I was just gushing all about Pizzeria Michelangelo last week, I naturally suggested that we have dinner there; however, sis-in-law had other plans. She wanted us to try Cafe Sarree, located right next to my favorite pizza place in Escario Central (*hint hint* - beside Pizzeria Michelangelo). She has been forever raving about this place even before she moved to the States but I never found the time to drop by.

The place is homey, but seemed too small so we decided to stay outside.

cafe sarree
Outside where the air is fresh

yvette yzon
He won't let go of Ate Yvette's hand
While waiting for our order to arrive, we bought some fluffy looking ensaimada from Brioche, a bakery just across Cafe Sarree. We opened it excitedly, used our forks to take small pieces, and -------- silence.
Too dry, no hint of cheese. And this small pack cost us P240. Too much, it's just too much. Tsk tsk.

brioche ensaimada
Ensaimada from Brioche - DRY
With the ensaimada forgotten after that disappointing first bite, we got a little too excited when they served our cheese pate. It was to die for! I am seriously addicted to it. It had a little bit of everything, and my baby boy kept coming back for seconds. When we ran out of melba toast, we used Brioche's ensaimade to mop up the remaining cheese. This is seriously one of my favorites and I'll definitely be back for this!

cheese pate
Cheese Pate - Serious YUM!
Spicy cheese with pesto and sundried tomato, served with melba toast
They thoughtfully served our Apple Lemonade after serving the cheese pate to wash down the creaminess of our chosen appetizer.

apple lemonade
Apple Lemonade modeled by the As
It started to rain so we had to move inside, but not before ordering capricciosa from Pizzeria Michelangelo. I was really really determined to let them try my new favorite Italian place. :D

adobo flakes and pork schnitzel
Adobo Flakes - Shredded, crispy adobo with rice
Pork Schnitzel - Deep fried, breaded pork cutlets with mushroom sauce

baked mac from cafe sarree
Baked Mac and Cheese Burger -
Pasta smothered in cheese sauce, topped with burger patties,
and baked with more cheese on top (SOOOO GOOD!)

Capricciosa from Pizzeria Michelangelo

jambalaya from Cafe Sarree
Jambalaya a la Mama - Spicy sausage in a rich
tomato stew, with Jambalaya rice
We were so full from all the food we ordered, and our stomachs had no room for dessert. *burp*
After dinner, the rain stopped thankfully and we were able to chill and relax outside while the others finished their food and the As paid for dinner. :D (thank you!)

Daddy and Seth goofing around
Chillin' with Seth after dinner
Family picture - waiting for the others who were still eating
(you can see them in the background)
Check them out if you like fusion dishes - they are seriously one of the best. xx


  1. I wish I could jump through the screen and face dive into that baked mac and cheese.. oh my gosh, it looks ridiculously cheesy and damn delicious!

    1. It is is sooooo sooooo good, Joann! You should try it out. And, their cheese pate. Ridiculous. Ridiculously good. xx

  2. Wow an actress for company!
    drooled over the Baked Mac and Cheese Burger <3

    1. Yes, uhm, hehe. Bestfriend ng ate namin, eh. So, she's kinda family. xx
      And, baked mac and cheese burger - one serving is good for three. Seriously big and soooo soooo good!

  3. What the...! That baked mac and cheese burger is ultimately tempting. I will surely try that out.

    1. Go glow Fred. Their servings are also HUGE so make sure you bring someone special with you when you eat there. xx

  4. I'm definitely gonna try the Baked Mac, so cheeesy and yummyy! :)

    1. Weeee! I'm excited to know what you, Al and Reiko think about this dish. :D

  5. How much ang food sa Cafe Sarree? :)

    1. Hi Mustachio, it's 150+ - 300+.
      I can only remember the price sa cheese pate - P285 :D
      Servings are good for 2-3.

  6. hi shee! for a girl who loves food you have really good figure :)

    1. Hi Shayne, uhm...thank you?
      But don't let the pictures fool you. I need to lose a little bit of belly fat. :D

  7. I've been to cafe sarree, I have to agree that the place is small but it's perfect for intimate meals,

    I honestly like the ambiance of the place.
    BTW, that cheese pate is unforgettable!!! You should try their smoked salmon sandwich, so yumm!

  8. It's unfortunate that you did not like the ensaimada from Brioche. The flaky stuff on top of the ensaimada (as seen in your picture) is the edam cheese (or better known as quezo de bola). It is also suggested (per the label) to serve it warm.

    1. Hi Anon,

      Thanks for your comment. They actually heated it in their microwave before serving it to us. Unfortunately, not worth it. Marco Polo's ensaimada is richer and tastes really great though. xx

  9. Oh my! I wanna try that Mac and Cheese and the cheese pate! They both look so lami!


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