Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Skydreamer Eats: Chili cheese pork rolls

It has been gloomy the past couple of days with rains and thunderstorms. There's no better way to perk up in this cold weather than a bowl of hot soup and chili.

To make a batch of these awesome chili rolls, you need some type of meat. I used ground pork, but you can also use beef or chicken. Whatever you fancy.
You also need spring roll wrappers and chillis.

filipino homemade chili rolls
Chili Cheese Pork Rolls
First, heat up your non-stick pan with a splash of olive/vegetable/canola oil.
Add meat, and season with salt and pepper.
Once your meat has browned, set that aside.

Prepare your chili by taking out the seeds.
Put the meat inside your chili and wrap it, along with mozzarella cheese, in a spring roll wrapper.

Fry it again in a non-stick pan with your preferred oil.

Serve with a hearty bowl of tomato soup. Recipe found HERE. xx


Your thoughts? :)

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