Sunday, April 7, 2013

Skydreamer Dines in Dumaguete: Sans Rival

Whenever you hear someone's going to Dumaguete, what usually comes to mind? Silliman University, perhaps? The City of Gentle People, yes? To some though, it means Silvanas from Sans Rival. Their Silvanas have become a favorite pasalubong for Dumaguete tourists.

For me, it's their hot choco that makes me want to go back again and again. It's made of tablea with milk and the consistency is very thick. It's probably the best hot chocolate ever and the best thing about it? - It only costs P28 - that's less than a dollar!

If there's probably one thing I don't like about the place, it's the fact that they don't have high chairs or kiddie chairs which is definitely a challenge for those who are bringing toddlers. Hope they can invest in at least a couple of them for each location.

Sans Rival's hot choco, silvanas and spaghetti

Sans Rival Cakes and Pastries information:
Their main branch is in 1 San Jose St., Dumaguete City
There is also a Sans Rival Bistro beside it
Another Branch in: Robinson's Place, Dumaguete City
Website: Sans Rival


  1. Have you tried their Walnut Dacquoise? That's what I always get when I visit Sans Rival (I don't like sans rival cake hahah) :-)

    1. Yes, I have! :) Just once, but I loved it. Although silly me, I paired it with their addictive hot choco. Should've ordered tea or black coffee to go along with it. Oh well, next time when I go back. xx


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