Saturday, April 13, 2013

Skydreamer Dines in Cebu: Manggahan

Probably, one of our best finds this year is Manggahan in Wilson Street, Apas. If you don't know where that is, it's just a block away from Pino restaurant.

Manggahan is fairly new; it opened just a few months ago, and already they have quite a following. Just think about it: their dishes taste really great and are all affordable.

We ordered 'monggos puno sa subak' for only P28. Their monggos taste really great and can be paired with any of their meat selections.

We also ordered a couple of eggplant dishes: talong ni tatang for P48 and talong guisado for P58. Unfortunately, we didn't eat any of these dishes because of one reason, which is....

HITO! Yes, they serve hito or catfish (a black slippery fish with mustache). I don't think I've ever seen any other restaurant here that serve hito. These are widely popular in Cotabato City, but not here in Cebu. You can order it with tausi; coconut milk; adobo or deep fried. We ordered three deep fried hito fishes -- exactly how we love them. They are the absolute best, I'm not kidding you. But the funny thing was, I think we were the only table who ordered catfish. Everyone else ordered grilled pork, sisig and such. Which is a shame because hito is probably the best tasting fish out there (based on what I've eaten so far). Oh, and one big hito costs only P158.

I'd definitely be back there over and over again for the hito, and their monggos. We will bring relatives to this restaurant, and Cotabato friends too.

Manggahan is just, amazing. Try it, and let me know what you think! :)

their monggos for only P28 - serves two people

guisadong talong (too bad, we didn't get to taste this)

talong ni tatang (really pretty eggplant salad that we didn't get to eat)

the star of the day: Deep Fried Hito - Uber YUM!!

Our third hito - we just could not get enough!
 Manggahan Information:
Hours of Operation: 9AM - 4AM the next day
Contact Number: 260 3300
Facebook Page: HERE


  1. i never knew that Manggahan was just a couple of blocks from our house!

    1. Try it, jhan! Food's great there - try their biko bayot hahaha

  2. Have you been back there? Did you try their crocodile sisig? Crocodile meat has been quite popular lately... it tastes like pork to me hahah :D

    1. Not yet, but the husband has been back several times and he has tried their croc sisig. He said ok lang daw haha.
      I love food, but I'm not too keen on exotic dishes. Maybe I should try to explore more? xx


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